Thursday, February 25, 2010

Statement of Purpose

Welcome, readers, to the journey of the Aural Vagabond.

A young man from Boston, now living in New York City, I wanted to create an outlet for my habit of unceasingly listening to music, new and old. Combining my ever-expanding musical tastes with my penchant for writing, I came to create the blog you are reading now.

There will be many different aspects to this site, as there are many different reasons I listen to music (and, presumably, many different reasons you do too.) The most straight-forward aspect will be album reviews. I am not a professional critic, so I won't be reviewing all the new albums as they are released. Instead, my reviews will center mainly on the new albums I purchase and rent from my local library (my two main modes of acquisition, although streaming off the internet is up-and-coming in my personal practice.) Sometimes I will get my hands on the latest album and I'll post reviews as timely as I can, but for the most part this blog isn't focused on the weekly output of new album reviews. Instead, expect reviews from all eras and genres as I expand ever-outward in my journey.

One feature I will begin writing will be, "Playback," which will consist of reviews of albums I've had in my collection for a long time, and the focus of those reviews will be not just musical but also contextual. Some Playback entries will have direct references to my life when I first listened to the albums, as some are inextricably tied to times and spaces. Within Playback I also intend to fully review the catalogs of some of the artists whose entire discography I possess. Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits, the Beatles, and U2 are the largest individual discographies I have, and hopefully Playback will get a chance to examine theirs and more as I continue this blog.

I also will begin a series of smaller entries, which will have less form than Playback and as such will be nameless for now, based on reviews of individual songs. One strand I'm following as a guide in my journey is the history of the Billboard Charts, and in many cases these present artists for whom only a few (if not one) songs will suffice in my exploration. One-hit wonders will abound here, but sometimes there will be artists I just have no interest in besides their hit(s).

Other projects will surely follow, but for now let this post light my way for the coming future. As the blog builds, I hope to build a readership that will not only follow me in my journey but also guide me along to new and as-yet-unconsidered destinations. I'm ready to set sail.


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